Social Media Image Sizes Every Marketer Needs to Know

Facebook Image Sizes

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks, which means that to break through the noise you need to have great images.

Here are the current correct Facebook image sizes.

  1. Profile Image: 180×180 pixels
  2. Cover Photo: 820×312 pixels
  3. Timeline Image: 1200×630 pixels
  4. Highlighted Image: 1200×717 pixels
  5. Event Image: 1920×1080 pixels
  6. Facebook Ad Image: 1,200×628 pixels

Twitter Image Sizes

Twitter has about 5,700 new tweets being sent every second. That’s a lot of messages being sent at once. How do you stand out? Images.

Here are the correct Twitter image sizes.

  1. Profile Picture: 400×400 pixels
  2. Header Photo: 1500×1500 pixels
  3. In-Stream Photo: 506×253 pixels
  4. Twitter Ads : 600×335 pixels

Instagram Image Sizes

Instagram is the social networking site known for it’s spectacular images. If you want to stand out, the first thing you need to is have the right size images.

Here are the correct Instagram image sizes.

  1. Profile Image: 110×110 pixels
  2. Photo Thumbnails: 161×161 pixels
  3. Photo size (In the Instagram App): 1080×1080 pixels
  4. Instagram Ads : 1080×1080 pixels

LinkedIn Image Sizes

LinkedIn may be the more professional social media network but that doesn’t mean you should avoid using images!

Here at the correct LinkedIn image sizes.

  1. Profile Picture: 400×400 pixels
  2. Background Image: 1000×425 to 4000×4000 pixels
  3. Shared Image: 350 pixels in width
  4. Ad Image: 1200×627 pixels

Pinterest Image Sizes

Like Instagram, Pinterest is full of visually stunning photos. Unlike Instagram however, Pinterest allows you to expand your visual content to include infographics as well. See how they can affect the size of images you upload.

Here at the correct Pinterest image sizes for 2017:

  1. Profile Picture: 165×165 pixels
  2. Pins (on main board): 236 pixels in width
  3. Pin Board Large Thumbnail: 222×150 pixels
  4. Pin Board Small Thumbnail: 55×55 pixels

Google+ Image Sizes

Don’t worry we didn’t forget about Google+. Much like Facebook Google+ has it’s standard set of image sizes.

Here at the correct Google+ image sizes for 2017

  1. Profile Picture: 250×250 pixels
  2. Cover Photo: 1080×608
  3. Shared Image: 497 pixels in width

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