[Success] – Who said it’s going to be easy?

If it was easy everybody would do it. Outlast the pain, outlast the discomfort, and success will be yours.

Pain creates the prize.

You keep talking about the situation you are in, the mistakes you have done or someone else has done for which you blame them, you ponder over your past, don’t focus on your present and worry too much for your future. And you try to find and wait for the ideal or perfect situation to begin the journey of success. There is no situation called the perfect situation. There is no ideal situation. There will always be something that will obstruct you from doing what you want. You want to train yourself for a better health – you will face no money to go to gym, extreme temperatures, office work to be completed, food to be prepare at home and several others. You need to still outpace them, manage the time and priorities – get out of your comfort zone and do it. You don’t have money and time for gym – head to the park and run – do core workout at home but stop complaining and making excuses. Get rid of the habit of COMPLAINING and of making EXCUSES. This is the characteristic of the weak.

Live your dreams or live your fear.

You need to believe and push yourself to achieve what you desire, and one day you will succeed. It takes one extra obstacle, one extra push, one extra effort to get there. It’s not going to be a picnic, the road to success had never been easy. You need to go through the pain and suffering to reach your goal. Nothing happens overnight, success is thus a journey and the destination is worth hundred nights of pain, but it is worth it. Stop overthinking and just do it. Train your mind to love the process and the road to reach your goal. Love the process as much as you love your goal.

Failure is not a step backward. It is a way forward. It is progress in some way or the other. Each failure is a learning experience for you to try a way else that can possibly get you closer to your goal. Failure is an indication that you have at least tried and have taken a step to reach your goal which is in every possible way better than an individual who has not tried and has only dreamt. The process is the learning experience that will make you the person who you will be one day. The person that you become is not the outcome of one day transformation but you become what you are, through a process. This process entails gathering knowledge, experience, hard work and failures.

Be proud of yourself EVERYDAY. Do something each day that is going to get you closer to where you want to be.

Say to yourself everyday.

It’s not over until I win. This is my story and this is not how it ends.



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